The Amrit Nam Sarovar Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 is a program for personal growth and teacher certification. This course is the opportunity to commit to positive change and to connect with others willing to do the same. The course will give you a foundation for a solid yoga practice which is your base for being a teacher - for yourself and for others. You will gain the knowledge and self-confidence to make a difference in yourself and the world around you.

The training is open to everyone. You will be given all you need to practice and teach Kundalini Yoga: 200 hours of teaching, a personal- or group interview with Karta Singh, 40 day yoga sets and meditations to develop your own spiritual discipline, home assignments to reinforce your knowledge and a team of qualified trainers & staff that will help guide you through the process.

Lead Trainer: Karta Singh


Karta Singh is a Master of Kundalini Yoga. The teachings, which he received directly from Yogi Bhajan, have instilled in him a deep sense of peace, joy and abundance that he is committed to pass on to future generations. So that people can transform their destiny towards a more happy, healthy and holy life.

As a pioneer, he initiated teacher training courses in France, Belgium, England, Russia, Austria and Switzerland. Amrit Nam Sarovar, the school he founded, today has more than a 1.000 associated teachers. He also helped develop the curriculum of level 1 & 2 teacher trainings and was invited to teach with Yogi Bhajan at the Master’s Touch training courses in Assisi and Blois.

The Team

While Karta Singh is ultimately responsible for the training, and teaches extensively in the summer week in France, the weekends in Holland will be taught by teachers from Amrit Nam Sarovar Nederland. The Dutch Amrit Nam Sarovar teacher team consists of Guru Deva Kaur and Gurprakash Singh. They are IKYTA/KRI certified teachers with many years of yoga practice and teaching experience. Guru Deva Kaur and Gurprakash Singh both live in Amsterdam. A certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and business yoga coach, Guru Deva teaches weekly classes, hosts workshops and offers individual coaching sessions. Gurprakash Singh, a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, momentarily teaches at Golden Link in Amsterdam. Both Guru Deva and Gurprakash also teach in France at the Outreach program, an International Level 1 course offered by the Amrit Nam Sarovar School.



During the training we will apply the teachings to everything we do. The base of our work is a daily early-morning practice (Sadhana), a yogic diet and seva, which is selfless service for the good of all. Together we will create an environment, that is both challenging and uplifting. This is a rare opportunity to go deep into the experience. So that we can broaden the understanding of who we are.

Each day we will also gather in study groups: to share experiences and work on special themes. Each group will be assigned a mentor that will help facilitate the process. The mentor will also support group members with their personal study and assignments throughout the whole training.

We meet 5 times in The Netherlands. In addition, we will join an international gathering of more than 150 ANS School Level 1 students for a week of living community and intense practice. This week will be hosted at Domaine Le Martinet in the French Alps, the home of Amrit Nam International.

For 2018/19 the dates are:

7 Dec (18.30 h.) - 9 Dec (17.00 h.) 2018
17 Jan (10.30 h.) - 20 Jan (17.00 h.) 2019 (4 full days)
8 Mar (18.30 h.) - 10 Mar (17.00 h.) 2019
23 May (10.30 h.) - 26 May (17.00 h.) 2019 (4 full days)
20 Jul - 28 Jul 2019 Intensive week France
30 Aug (18.30 h.) - 01 Sep (17.00 h.) 2019


The total price for the training, including lodging, is €2945 if the tuition fee (€1650) is paid before 2 November 2017. If you pay after this date or in installments the total price is €3045.

Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Tuition costs:

€1650 if you pay one month before the training starts, and €1750 after that. Installments are possible. 


Accomodation and food costs are €140 for the weekends, €280 for the 4-day gatherings and €315 for the week in France.

Bank info

Stichting Amrit Nam Sarovar
IBAN/SEPA: NL86RABO0128419911
Bank: Rabobank

Here is the link to register for the training



For questions (& answers) please contact Gurprakash
+31 641011365
[email protected]
Burgemeester Tellegenstraat 144
1073 KG Amsterdam

Amrit Nam Sarovar Netherlands


Amrit Nam Sarovar Netherlands is part of the International Kundalini Yoga School Amrit Nam Sarovar, which offers trainings and special programs in countries all over Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia.