Dear all, sat nam,

You are invited to an introduction-evening of the Kundalini Yoga level 1 Teacher Training of Amrit Nam Sarovar that starts later this year. We’ll try to give an impression of what you’ll learn in this year, we’ll do a meditation and of course you’ll be able to ask questions.

Contrary to earlier info the intro-night will not take place in the Golden Link because there was no space. Instead we will do it at our home. Please take something to sit on, like a yoga mat or sheepskin. See you hopefully on the 17th.

Date: 17 sept om 19.00 uur
Adress: Burg. Tellegenstraat 144
1073KG Amsterdam

Gurprakash & Guru Deva

tel. nr. Gurprakash: 06 410 11 365
info about the training also on http://www.amritnam.nl/nl/de-training-level-1


For questions (& answers) please contact Gurprakash
+31 641011365
[email protected]
Burgemeester Tellegenstraat 144
1073 KG Amsterdam

Amrit Nam Sarovar Netherlands


Amrit Nam Sarovar Netherlands is part of the International Kundalini Yoga School Amrit Nam Sarovar, which offers trainings and special programs in countries all over Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia.