Dear all, sat nam,

You are invited to an introduction-evening of the Kundalini Yoga level 1 Teacher Training of Amrit Nam Sarovar that starts later this year. We’ll try to give an impression of what you’ll learn in this year, we’ll do a meditation and of course you’ll be able to ask questions.

Contrary to earlier info the intro-night will not take place in the Golden Link because there was no space. Instead we will do it at our home. Please take something to sit on, like a yoga mat or sheepskin. See you hopefully on the 17th.

Date: 17 sept om 19.00 uur
Adress: Burg. Tellegenstraat 144
1073KG Amsterdam

Gurprakash & Guru Deva

tel. nr. Gurprakash: 06 410 11 365
info about the training also on http://www.amritnam.nl/nl/de-training-level-1