Be Authentic is the call of the hour. Out of a deep longing to be real in a virtual world. How does this work I asked myself. Time to dig a little deeper. Can you fake life? Well, there are those moments when we pretend to be on top of things and are not. Let’s put these aside. Because the answer is obvious. Let’s dwell with the feeling of undisputed knowingness - until an unexpected remark or disturbing situation leaves us in pieces and everything that seemed true suddenly is tainted with doubt.

Does that make us not real? What about allowing an opportunity for discovering a deeper layer of authenticity? Essentially, authenticity needs a reference, an anchor. In search of the authentic we must begin with what is authentic to our experience of being embodied: Fully entering the body of our sensations instead of being caught in the magnetism of our feelings. Authenticity is a physical sensation. And that sensation is both, finite and infinite. Finite as it reveals the reality of life to us in this very moment. It serves as a compass working with absolute precision and accuracy. Infinite because each physical sensation awakens in us an expansive innocence.  Allowing it to unfold, will reconnect us with the endless movement of the natural world. Whenever we witness the divine moving through us freely there is no room for doubt. Our state of being is pure joy and a true sense of belonging. That essentially is the reality of our situation. Therefore, let’s start using the force of that energy to stabilize our focus on the growth aspect of our participation in this world. Let’s reign the terrain of our purest potential and acknowledge our orbit. Authentic living starts with reclaiming our bodies. Move, move, move and breathe…


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